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Distributed Generation Contracts Program


The 40 megawatt Distributed Generation Standard Contracts (DG) program requires National Grid to enter into fifteen-year renewable energy contracts with private landowners, businesses, and municipalities at a set and fixed price. Currently, wind, solar photovoltaic, and anaerobic digestion technologies are eligible to participate in the DG program. Projects compete to participate in the program and contracts are awarded based on price and economic factors. All projects that sign a DG contract with National Grid are required to begin operation within eighteen months of the DG contract execution. If a DG project is not installed by that time, then the contract is voided by National Grid.

The first DG enrollment occurred in December 2011, with five megawatts allocated to wind and solar photovoltaic projects. There were two enrollments in 2012, with approximately 11.177 megawatts awarded to solar photovoltaic systems. All parties considering submitting a DG application will need to complete a preliminary feasibility interconnection study with National Grid, and submit a bond deposit with the DG application. There will be three DG program enrollments in 2013 and 2014 for the remaining megawatts available. The 2013 DG enrollments have been tentatively set for March, July, and September.

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