Lead by Example

In December 2015, Governor Gina M. Raimondo signed Executive Order 15-17: "State Agencies to Lead by Example in Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy." This Executive Order established a "Lead by Example" program within the Office of Energy Resources (OER) "to oversee and coordinate efforts at State agencies to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions".

The Executive Order establishes clear energy goals for State agencies, including, but not limited to:

  • Achievement of an overall reduction in energy consumption of at least 10 percent below FY14 levels by the end of FY19;
  • Procurement of 100% of State government electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2025;
  • Development of strategies for reducing fossil fuel use and GHG emissions from the State fleet, with a goal of ensuring that a minimum of 25% of new light-duty state fleet purchases and leases will be zero-emission vehicles by 2025;
  • Achievement of a high standard of green building operations and maintenance at all State facilities;
  • Establishment of a voluntary stretch building code available for use in all State construction and renovation projects, as well as those in the private sector;
  • Consideration of full life-cycle costs and savings in planning and implementing projects when making cost-effectiveness determinations about investments in capital assets and services;
  • Posting of State energy usage data (FY14 baseline).

Below are some of the initiatives, achievements, and events that OER and other State agencies are using to lead by example.

For more information on Lead by Example, please contact George Sfinarolakis at george.sfinarolakis@energy.ri.gov.

For more information on centralized utility bill management, please contact Terri Brooks at terri.brooks@energy.ri.gov.

State Energy Usage

OER posts energy usage publicly for each State agency and progress reducing energy usage. Click here to view information on State agency energy usage.

On-Going Projects and Case Studies

OER is spearheading a number of projects and initiatives to achieve Lead by Example goals. Click here for more information.

Information for State and Quasi-State Agencies

OER offers support to state and quasi-state agencies in their Lead by Example efforts. Click here for more information.

Clean Energy Purchasing Mechanisms

State Master Price Agreements have been created to streamline energy efficiency, renewable energy and electric vehicle charging station projects. Click here for more information.

Lead by Example Energy Awards

OER’s Lead by Example Awards recognize state agencies, quasi-public agencies and municipalities for their recent energy efficiency and renewable energy achievements. Click here for more information.

Rhode Island Stretch Codes

Rhode Island has voluntary commercial and residential stretch codes to help buildings achieve higher energy savings and implement advanced building practices. Click here to learn more and to access Rhode Island’s Stretch Codes.