Learn About Wood & Pellet Heating

Wood pellets and chips (also referred to as biomass thermal) are wood-based fuels manufactured for use in heating appliances – in high-efficiency central pellet and chip boilers and in pellet stoves for space heating. Pellets and chips themselves are typically sourced from harvested woody biomass, supplemented by waste wood from mills, furniture manufacturing, and other processing facilities dealing in forest products.

Wood pellets are more efficient and refined and are typically used in residential or smaller commercial building applications, whereas wood chips are more commonly used in larger commercial or industrial buildings and large-scale combined heat and power facilities. Sustainably-harvested wood fuels offer a low-emissions heating source compared to conventional heating fuels like natural gas or fuel oil.

Additional resources on wood and pellet heating:

  • The U.S. Department of Energy provides detailed information on wood and pellet heating systems.
  • The Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) is a biomass industry association that engages in research, education, and advocacy for biomass thermal energy. The BTEC website provides a wide range of educational resources, as well as databases on state and federal incentives and policies on biomass heating.