Learn About Biodiesel Heat

Biodiesel Heat in Rhode Island

Biodiesel is a replacement or supplement for conventional petroleum-based fuel oil, and can be produced from a range of sources such as plant oils, animal fats, and organic waste oils. Pure biodiesel is manufactured separately and added to conventional No. 2 distillate fuel oil to create a blended fuel capable of being used in most standard oil boilers and furnaces. Biodiesel is considered a renewable fuel as it uses harvested or waste organic matter for production.

Biodiesel blends are named based on the amount of biodiesel present in the fuel – for example, a B5 blend contains 5% biodiesel, while a B99 blend contains 99% biodiesel. The Biodiesel Heating Oil Act of 2013 requires a minimum blend of 5 percent biofuel in all heating oil sold in Rhode Island by 2017.