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Alternative Fuel Technology in Rhode Island

Alternative fuel vehicles--such as those using biofuels, electricity, or natural gas--can provide fuel savings, performance improvements, and reduced harmful emissions compared to conventional vehicles. Promoting the use of alternative fuel vehicles offers Rhode Island an invaluable opportunity to meet climate goals while generating consumer and economic benefits. The Office of Energy Resources is committed to exploring strategies that make the transportation sector cleaner and more affordable for Rhode Island citizens and businesses.

Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Working Group

ZEV Working Group Logo

Formed in 2014, the Rhode Island ZEV Working Group is a collaboration between the Office of Energy Resources (OER), the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), the Department of Transportation (DOT), and Ocean State Clean Cities (OSCC) to bring together state and quasi-state agencies, private and nonprofit companies, auto dealers, and utility providers to discuss the actions necessary to promote the responsible growth of the ZEV market in Rhode Island. The working group has been tasked with exploring issues critical to the efficient and effective deployment of ZEV solutions across the policy, regulatory, and business landscapes.

The mission of the RI ZEV Working Group is to:

  • Further expand access to electric and fuel cell vehicle infrastructure in Rhode Island;
  • Encourage the purchase and lease of electric and fuel cell vehicles;
  • Reduce the up-front costs associated with electric and fuel cell vehicle purchases; and
  • Identify strategies to remove barriers for electric and fuel cell vehicle deployment

The ZEV Working Group is split into three subcommittees, with a Steering Committee overseeing the work and recommendations of the subcommittees. The three subcommittees have the following focus areas: Marketing & Outreach; State, Municipal, Consumer & Business Incentives; and Infrastructure, Planning & Regulatory Issues.

RI ZEV Action Plan

The efforts of the Working Group have recently culminated in the production of the Rhode Island ZEV Action Plan. The Action Plan creates a process to guide state and local decision makers on how to successfully increase the number of ZEVs on our roadways and meet our collective goals. The Plan is available for download by clicking here.

Locating a Station

In partnership with National Grid, the OER has implemented the installation of 50 electric vehicle charging stations throughout Rhode Island. Charging is free at each station (with some limitations to access depending on the site). Please use your ChargePoint card to access a station or call the toll-free number located on the station. For current information about a station's availability, visit www.chargepoint.com. In addition, please use the map below to locate other alternative fueling stations such as CNG, propane, or biodiesel!

For a PDF of all site locations and addresses, click here

Additional Information and Resources

For additional information regarding alternatively fueled vehicles, visit the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center.

House Resolution Report Addressing Regulatory Issues Affecting Electric Vehicles

For further information, please contact:

Ryan Cote
Office of Energy Resources